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The building was established as a school 1746 – 1876 and later used by religious groups such as Congregationalists and Bible Christians before becoming from 1874 – 1928 the chapel (seating up to 180) for Welsh Calvinists Presbyterians, many of whom had come from mining families wanting to start a new life in Dalton.

At the time this school was established there was no national system of education and only a small number of children received any formal schooling. A town grammar school was often run on an endowed system ( originating in Tudor times), took fees and run like a business. Other school types were charity and dame schools.

Now a private home (with some original features retained / replicated) and with the inscription ‘The Old Grammar School 1746’.

Photo: Old Grammar School – Ron Creer

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Dalton is the ancient and historic capital of Furness and has approximately 8,000 residents at the current time. Ideally located less than thirty miles from the Lake District and close to the Irish Sea coast and nature reserves, Dalton is home to one of the Counties largest tourist attractions, South Lakes Wild Animal Park.