Councillor Ann Thurlow would like to thank all those who took an interest in the World War I Commemoration research that she did into the men of Dalton who fought and died in World War One. Sales of the booklet have been steady and copies are still available to order at the Town Hall in Station Road at a cost of £5. In addition to the booklet, details of each soldier who gave their life is available to view on the Town Council website, the soldier’s details appear in chronological order from 1914 and are added on the anniversary of their death.

Ann is now working on gathering information on the men and one woman who gave their lives in the Second World War. For the WW1 research, Ann was able to use Census records to piece together the family histories. This time it will be much more difficult as the most recent census available to the public is from 1911 when almost all of the men had not yet been born. The 1921 census will not be available until 2021 and even then this will not cover all of our soldiers as those called up in 1945 at the age of 18 would have been born in 1927.

Ann does have some military records, but in order to fill in the background information, I will be relying on the memories of surviving family and friends. So if anyone is able to supply information on their fathers, brothers, cousins or friends please bring it along to the Town Hall in Station Road. It would be good to be able to present a booklet in time for the 80thAnniversary of the outbreak of World War Two in 2019.

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Dalton is the ancient and historic capital of Furness and has approximately 8,000 residents at the current time. Ideally located less than thirty miles from the Lake District and close to the Irish Sea coast and nature reserves, Dalton is home to one of the Counties largest tourist attractions, South Lakes Wild Animal Park.