September 2021

Dalton with Newton Town Council

Minutes of the meeting held Monday 6th September 2021 in the Town Hall, Station Road, Dalton in Furness at 7pm

Present           Councillors C Fox, S Ronson, A Fox, N Perie, A Thurlow, W Maddox,

A Bowe, C Stainton and R Crossley.

The Town Clerk was unable to attend the meeting and the minutes were taken by Councillor Maddox.


  1. Apologies There were no apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting It was agreed that the minutes of the previous meeting were a true record and the chairman was authorised to sign.
  3. Declarations of Interest   Councillor Maddox and Cllr Ronson declared an interest in any matters relating to Barrow Borough Council, Councillor Perie and Cllr Thurlow declared an interest in any matters relating to Dalton Community Association
  4. .Police PCSO Louise Perry attended the meeting with PC Connor Patterson who had been seconded to Dalton for a period of three months, although the period was due to end shortly and a new officer will be seconded. Councillor Bowe passed on written complaints from nearby residents about the Chinese restaurant on Market Place. Complaints involved noise, smells and location of the refuse bin. Further complaints were centred around vehicles parking in inappropriate places and ignoring the one-way sign at the junction of Castle Street and Market Place.  Details were passed to the Police and councillors were advised that issues should be reported on 101 at the time they occurred.
  5. Reports from District/County Councillors Councillor Ronson reported that the site of the former Brocklebanks greengrocers which was subject of a planning application for the erection of 4 dwellings. Councillor Ronson had spoken to local business owners who were supportive of the land being used for a car park rather than housing, Cllr Ronson had therefore submitted a funding bid to the National Lottery towards the creation of a car park. Councillor Perie had also approached the Postcode lottery about funding but had been advised this did not fit the criteria.  Further information would be reported when available. Councillor Maddox reported on the matter of parking on Coronation Drive and advised that the Borough Council housing department was writing to all residents on Coronation Drive to help alleviate the problem.
  6. Matters Arising
  • Community Garden Two quotes for the resurfacing of the community garden area had now been received, following discussion it was agreed that the quote of £11,000 be accepted and the contractor be advised to go-ahead.
  • Mayors Gallery – New frames had been purchased to replace the existing mismatched frames and Councillors Craig and Alison Fox had re-sited and re-hung the photographs. Thanks were passed to both Councillors for their hard work.
  • Shop Front Grant Scheme – Councillor Ronson had hand delivered over 50 letter to local businesses advising of the Shop Front Grant Scheme offered by the Town Council. Four had been received back to date but more were expected before the closing date of 1st
  • Christmas Lights – It was reported that the Christmas Lights had now been ordered and letters to premises on the route for the lights had received a letter for permission to replace the eyebolts required. Councillors were also asked if they wished to re-introduce the annual Christmas leaflet this year, this was not produced last year as due to Covid 19 restrictions there were no events taking place.  Following discussion the production of the leaflet was agreed.
  • 8.Correspondence There was no correspondence to consider at this meeting.
  • 9.Highways There was nothing of significance to report on Highways.
  • 10Unitary Authority Unfortunately no councillor was available to attend the online meeting organised by CALC for the largest Councils in Cumbria.
  • 11. Finance
  • Viking Direct                                                     94
  • Reimburse bubs for community garden      99
  • Renewal of annual internet security             75
  • JRB Enterprise (Dog Bags)                             20
  • A Fox Reimburse (Picture Frames)              60

It was agreed that the above invoices be approved for payment

12.Reports Cllr C Fox reminded Councillors that a litter pick had been organized for 10th September and the Town Council were taking the lead in the event, this also involved BAE, Zest, Barrow BC, Cumbria CC and Cumbria Fire Service.  Suggestions were being taken for appropriate areas to clean, members of the public were welcome to attend and refreshments were being provided at Dalton Community Centre after the event.

13. Planning

B18/2021/0717                  Land adjacent to 43 Newton Cross Road, Newton

Formation of a manege for non-commercial use only

The Town Council have no objections

B13/2021/0686                  Barrow House Farm, Woodbine Lane, Newton

Demolition of existing house and construction of a dwelling with associated works.

The Town Council have no objections

B18/2021/0712                  1-19 Ruskin Ave, Dalton

Erect canopy across front elevation of shop parade allowing connection to existing rainwater gullies and renew tarmac pavement at shop fronts

The Town Council have no objections

B21/2021/0708                  97 Market Street, Dalton

Replacement of cement fibre tiles with reclaimed Welsh slate, rendering of chimney and timber barge boards primed and painted like for like.

The Town Council have no objections

B21/2021/0593                  4 Romney Avenue, Dalton

Demolition of existing rear conservatory, garage, raised deck and shed. Construction of new single storey rear extension with flat roof, new garden store & terraced deck. New entrance door to side elevation of main house and stepped access to rear garden

The Town Council have no objections

Meeting Closed 7.50pm

About us

Dalton is the ancient and historic capital of Furness and has approximately 8,000 residents at the current time. Ideally located less than thirty miles from the Lake District and close to the Irish Sea coast and nature reserves, Dalton is home to one of the Counties largest tourist attractions, South Lakes Wild Animal Park.