July 2021

Dalton with Newton Town Council

Minutes of the meeting held Monday 5th July 2021 in the Town Hall, Station Road, Dalton in Furness at 7pm

Present         Councillors S Ronson, A Fox, N Perie, A Thurlow, W Maddox, A Bowe N Perie and C Stainton

  1. Apologies Councillors C Fox and R Crossley
  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting It was agreed that the minutes of the previous meeting were a true record and the chairman was authorised to sign.
  3. Declarations of Interest   Councillor Maddox and Cllr Ronson declared an interest in any matters relating to Barrow Borough Council, Councillor Perie and Cllr Thurlow declared an interest in any matters relating to Dalton Community Association
  1. Police There was no police presence at the meeting but crime figures had been submitted by the PCSO. Councillors Requested that an invitation be sent to the new PC allocated to the Town to attend a future meeting of the council to introduce himself.
  2. Reports from District/County Councillors Councillor W Maddox gave a verbal report on her attendance at the Railway safety meeting which was held at Dalton Railway Station recently. Councillor Ronson gave a report on his attendance at litter picks at various locations as part of the Clean up Britain Campaign and reported that the Coronation Drive estate was in need of a clean up.  Councillor Perie suggested that the Town Council set up a rolling programme of litter picks to keep on top of the issue. A Litter pick in the Town Centre was agreed as Saturday 24th July at 10am and a further event for cleaning up the estate was agreed as Saturday 31st July at 10am.
  3. Matters Arising
  • Promotional Film – Councillor C Fox informed Councillors that the promotional video of the Town completed recently was now available to view on the Town Council Facebook Page and also the website.
  • Trees at Community Garden and Wee Garden – The Town Clerk reported that an Ash Tree in the Council owned Community Garden had now been identified as suffering from Ash die back and required Felling. The Sycamore subject to a TPO in the same garden also now required remedial work to prune large branches overhanging the highway and neighbouring gardens and the three small conifers in the ‘wee garden’ immediately opposite were in need of removing. The Clerk had contacted three tree surgeons for quotes, however only two had been submitted.  Following discussion it was agreed that the quote from Cumbria Tree Surgery be accepted and the contractor be given the go-ahead to commence work.  The Clerk will submit a planning application for felling the Ash as it is in a Conservation area and a 30% Crown Raise to the Sycamore subject to the TPO.
  • Community Garden – The Town Clerk reported that there was some remedial work required to two raised flower beds in the community garden on safety grounds. A quote for securing 12 paving slabs had been obtained and it was agreed that the contractor be given to go-ahead to carry out the work at a cost of £80 at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Community Gardening Project – The Town Clerk had sent an email to councillors prior to the meeting outlining the suggestions for the council to introduce a community gardening project. This would entail seeking volunteers from the community who may be interested in keeping smaller areas around the town in good condition, land close to the Castle was used as an example as it is in a high-profile location but no maintenance was carried out giving the appearance of an overgrown and unkempt area. Equipment and plants would be provided by the Town Council along with any heavier or specialist works. Following discussion it was agreed that the project be adopted.
  • Borderlands Town team and Community Partnership Meetings. Councillor Perie represented the Council on the Borderlands Town Team and the Town Clerk represented the Council at the Borderlands Community Partnership meetings.  It was agreed that Cllr Perie and the Clerk would provide written reports to Council following each meeting to ensure that everyone is kept up to date on developments.
  1. Correspondence
  • CCC Proposed Diversion of Footpath Nos 602006,602007,602008 and 602009. It was agreed that The Town Council response to CCC would be that the Town Council have no objection to the diversion of the numbered footpaths being carried out to avoid footpath users walking through the yard of a working farm but would like to see a clause included which would make the landowner responsible for some maintenance allowing the new footpath to be kept clear of vegetation so footpath users can use it unimpeded.
  • Lloyds Pharmacy – The Town Clerk reported that a verbal complaint had been received regarding the service provided by the only pharmacy in the Town. The complainant had requested the help of the Council by writing to the Head Office of Lloyds reporting concerns about the poor service, the frequent lack of a pharmacist, frequent unavailability of prescribed drugs for serious health conditions and response from some staff to the issues. Councillors noted that this was not the first time it had felt it necessary to raise these issues with the Head Office and agreed another letter be sent raising the concerns.
  1. Highways Councillor Ronson raised the issue over a seriously overgrown hedge at the junction of Bowness Road and Calder Drive which was forcing pedestrians to walk out into the highway to be able to pass. The Clerk is to report the issue to CCC Highways. It was also reported that some issues with street name plates previously raised with the Borough Council had still not been addressed. The clerk is to raise the issue again with the Borough and report new signs at Thornton Park and Dalton Fields Lane.
  2. Co-Option to Council A verbal report was given on the recent interview of a prospective councillor who had expressed an interest in being co-opted into the vacant seat on the Town Council. Three councillors had interviewed the candidate and the recommendation from the interview panel was that Carl Hallows be co-opted onto the Council. It was agreed by Council that Carl Hallows be co-opted and invited to attend the August 16th meeting to be sworn in
  3. Christmas 2021 The Town Clerk gave a report on the progress of the Christmas Committee. The Christmas Lights had now been ordered and were due for delivery in September 2021 direct to contractors. The route of the lights would be across street rather than along the building fronts which meant some eyebolts would need to be relocated, new wayleaves would need to be obtained in these cases and contractors were checking the locations before the Town Council could address wayleaves.
  4. Appointment to Committees This item was deferred to the next meeting.
  5. Finance
  1. Adamedia (promotional Video) £2880.00
  2. Finance Committee – The Town Clerk proposed that a finance committee be introduced to review statutory requirements in relation to Finance and Accountability, review payments prior to meetings etc. This will continue to ensure that the Council are meeting their responsibilities.  Members of the new Finance Committee were agreed as C Fox, A Fox, N Perie and A Thurlow.

14.    Reports Councillors A Thurlow and N Perie gave a verbal report on the recent DCA meeting. Councillor Maddox gave a verbal report on the Rail Partnership Meeting.

15. Planning

B18/2021/0554  Barrow House Farm, Woodbine Lane, Newton

Erection of replacement livestock building

The Town Council have no objections

B21/2021/0503  30 Market Street, Dalton

Chimney Stack repairs and external redecoration (Retrospective)

The Town Council have no objections.

Meeting Closed 8.50pm

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Dalton is the ancient and historic capital of Furness and has approximately 8,000 residents at the current time. Ideally located less than thirty miles from the Lake District and close to the Irish Sea coast and nature reserves, Dalton is home to one of the Counties largest tourist attractions, South Lakes Wild Animal Park.