Dalton Castle Lights

After many years of looking at this project but not being able to obtain the necessary permissions the Town council have now completed the floodlighting of Dalton Castle. Dalton residents are quite rightly very proud of the Castle, after all very few towns can claim that they have a complete 13th century Pele tower or one in such a prominent position. Our thanks go to the National Trust for permission to place the equipment and lights in the Castle grounds and to Friends of Dalton Castle for supporting our project. The lights will normally be set on white but the colour can be changed for commemorate national days or events. On 27th January the lights were purple to commemorate the National Holocaust Memorial Day and on 6th June they will again be purple to mark D Day 80. Any requests for colour changes should be made to the Town Hall on Station Road.

We have experienced some teething problems with the lights which seem to want to rotate through the complete colour scale available of their own accord but we hope this will be corrected soon.

About us

Dalton is the ancient and historic capital of Furness and has approximately 8,000 residents at the current time. Ideally located less than thirty miles from the Lake District and close to the Irish Sea coast and nature reserves, Dalton is home to one of the Counties largest tourist attractions, South Lakes Wild Animal Park.